• Gluten-free Lab

    Every day the skilled hands knead ... pasta, pizza and bread. The restaurant-pizzeria La Rusticana guarantees for more than 10 years taste and quality in the preparation of gluten-free food. Our laboratory is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture gluten free, the next time you come to visit do not forget to visit it, just ask!
    La Rusticana
    Our pizza chef and owner of Paul Gridelli Rusticana began his experience in this field with the production of gluten-free pizza is already 30 years perfecting the dough more and more until you get to win the prestigious World Championship of gluten-free pizza in Salsomaggiore Terme in 2003. Our structure is associated with over 10 years with the AIC in order to ensure a secure service through the implementation of the criteria mentioned in the section outside the home. Our customers will find we have a celiac full and varied menu ranging from appetizers to desserts homemade. For the preparation and cooking gluten-free foods only use dedicated equipment that are in environments isolated from the normal production line in order not to contaminate, our staff performs a rigorous prophylaxis contamination, the gluten-free meals are served on plates dedicated, easily recognizable by both staff and customer. Our gluten-free pizza and bread are also suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. Finally, we advise our customers to join the AIC celiac.

  • Gluten free Pizza
    Gluten free Pasta
    Gluten free Pizza
  • Celiac disease

    What is celiac disease
    Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, a protein found in oats, wheat, barley, kamut, barley, rye and triticale. The incidence of this intolerance in Italy is estimated at 100/150 people every subject. I would therefore potentially celiac 400 000, but were diagnosed at around 85 000. Each year five thousand new diagnoses are made ​​each year and 2,800 new born with celiac disease, with an annual increase of about 10%. To treat celiac disease, at present, should be excluded from the diet some of the most common foods such as bread, pasta, biscuits and pizza, but also to remove the smallest traces of flour from each pot. This implies a strong commitment to nutrition education. In fact, the consumption of gluten, even in small doses, can cause damage. The gluten-free diet, conducted with rigor, is the only treatment that guarantees the celiac perfect health. 
    Out of Home
    Eating Out Project comes from the Italian Celiac Association to create a chain of informed about celiac disease that can offer a service appropriate to the dietary needs of celiacs.
    La Rusticana is part of this chain which means:
    - To have attended a Basic Course organized by the Regional AIC about celiac disease and gluten-free nutrition
    - Having completed the training with subsequent meetings / courses by AIC Regional
    - Receive the information material of the Association
    - Allow periodic inspections by the AIC Regional
    - Use products with Ministerial notification, included in the National Register of Gluten-free foods of the Ministry of Health and / or products in the Handbook of Food AIC - latest editions
    - Ensure non-gluten contamination from the process until the table service of food.
    AIC Tutor Team will monitor the exercises of the chain by carrying out checks and providing the necessary assistance, but it is understood that the liability will only operator. It should, however, that the celiac maintains an attitude of testing and attention to exercises of the Project AIC Eating Out. 
    - Always make a reservation in advance *;
    - The name given by the operators on the Guide as "Contact"is the person in charge of the gluten free inside the room, but there is an obligation on the owner to ensure that all personnel are properly informed about the service provided;
    - Before ordering become more recognized as a customer celiac
    - Never lower the level of attention.
    *RESERVATION: NOTE: Some facilities do not require reservations, but in all others, it is absolutely necessary to enable a well-organized kitchen that meets the security requirements in the preparation of gluten-free meals, no book can mean, in many cases, put the operator difficulties, difficulties that may result in a lower offer both quality and safety.
    Why register to the AIC
    Unity is strength! More and more we are assured of obtaining the recognition of our rights by the institutions, to improve our daily lives. We offer in-depth issues related to diet and administrative practices.
    You will receive:
    - Quarterly newsletter "Celiac News"
    - Handbook of celiac
    - Handbook foods AIC updated each year