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    Paolo Gridelli

    As a child he was a pupil of the renowned cook "Giovanni" of Villa Santa Maria, world famous as the city of cooks. Young man gains experience in Germany in the best clubs. And during his stay in Frankfurt he meets Antonio Scognamiglio Neapolitan businessman-character, importer in Germany of the best local products. As a trusted person, Gridelli manages two restaurants in Scognamiglio and develops a frozen pizza technique: Vittel water and beer, the secrets of a magnificent leavening. The German health system "AOK" recognizes its qualities as "a pizza with perfect nutritional characteristics". So Gridelli and his wife decided to set up on his own and for about 10 years he managed the pizzeria Ciro in Frankfurt, achieving success and the famous "Die Goldene Pizza" award. In 1990 he returned to Italy taking over La Rusticana which has been reconfirming his skills for over twenty years; today, together with his wife Alba and their son Ryan, the story of sacrifices, passion and successes continues and is reconfirmed. La Rusticana has also become a regional reference point for Celiac disease, from production to teaching as an AIC recognized instructor. In 2003 Gridelli obtained the first prize in the international competition "Gluten free pizza". At the same time with his success and his passion he drags seven of his brothers into the field of gastronomy who open 4 restaurants in Munich.Ryan Gridelli is Paolo's son, he graduated as a tourism business technician and after completing his studies he moved to Munich where he worked in the tourism sector for several years with a lot of passion and a lot of professional satisfaction. In 2002 he returned to Citta' Sant'Angelo where he spent his skills to work in synergy with his family and take the restaurant higher and higher, towards success and towards new challenges. His interventions for the digitalization of the restaurant and for a more efficient and sustainable management are fundamental, from the digital menu, to the palmtops for more effective processing of orders and receipts, to all interventions for energy efficiency. He is a person with many hobbies and is in fact a mountain bike master guide and for this reason the structure becomes a full-fledged bike friendly structure, ready to welcome all cyclists in the best possible way. In addition, he is interested in all the new food philosophies and diets and leads the business towards new goals, the kitchen thus becomes increasingly specialized in gluten free, and also in vegan and vegetarian dishes. His professional figure becomes increasingly indispensable and that is why in 2003 he becomes manager of the dining room and shares the entire management of the restaurant with his father in charge of the kitchen. From the combination of these 2 great professionals continues the long road of the La Rusticana restaurant which from the wisdom of the past goes to meet the new generation of catering and affirms itself for its undisputed quality and its continuous innovations. In the emerging chefs staff who trained in the hotel institute, young, dynamic and qualified staff who select directly in a scrupulous way to ensure a passionate, gritty and prepared team to work with in a climate of collaboration and efficiency.