• Paolo Gridelli from Roseto

    From the ranks of the reputation

    As a child he was a student of the famed chef " John " Villa Santa Maria , renowned worldwide as the city of cooks. Young man experiences in Germany in the best places . And during his stay in Frankfurt meets Antonio Scognamiglio character - Neapolitan businessman , importer in Germany of the finest local products . As a person of faith , Gridelli directed two local Scognamiglio and develop a technique of frozen pizza : Vittel water and beer, secrets of a rising great . The German health care system " AOK " recognizes the quality " pizza from a nutritional perfect ."
    Gridelli with his wife decides to start his own business for about 10 years and manages the pizzeria Cyrus Frankfurt , achieving success and recognition the famous "Die Goldene Pizza ."
    In 1990 he returned to Italy La Rusticana noting that for over twenty years confirms his skills , and today , along with his wife Dawn and son Ryan, the story of sacrifice, passion and success continues and reconfirmation. La Rusticana has also become a regional point of reference for Celiac , from production to teaching as an instructor recognized AIC .
    Gridelli In 2003 he won first prize in the international competition " Gluten Free Pizza ."
    Simultaneously with his success and his passion drags seven of his brothers in the field of gastronomy which open well 4 rooms in Monaco of Bavaria.