• Resturant pizzeria La Rusticana

    La Rusticana is a pizza restaurant in Città Sant'Angelo, family-run since 1990, it boasts a special and exquisite cuisine to the table and take away: traditional and original dishes accompanied by regional wines DOC and draft beers, gluten-free meals for celiac disease, and a menu devoted exclusively to children. Have been introduced recently also vegan and vegetarian dishes. The quality and variety of its pizzas to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, from classic to own creations, all to try. An undoubted quality, recognized in several World Championships of Pizza.

  • Pizzeria pizza oven

    #Pizzeria pizza oven

    Cuisine of Abruzzo

    #Cuisine of Abruzzo

    Gluten-free pizza

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  • Gluten-free Lab

    Every day the skilled hands knead ... pasta, pizza and bread. The restaurant-pizzeria La Rusticana guarantees for more than 10 years taste and quality in the preparation of gluten-free food. Our laboratory is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture gluten free, the next time you come to visit do not forget to visit it, just ask! Learn more

    Gluten free Lab Restaurant Pizzeria
  • Our restaurant kitchen vegetarian and vegan dishes

    La Rusticana, always sensitive to the different cultural and dietary needs of its customers, can finally boast several vegetarian and vegan dishes in their menu. Among the ingredients you can find also the mozzarella plant, no animal products and gluten-free, excellent on pizza, for flavoring and stir in pasta dishes or to flavor your fresh salads!

    Ristorante Vegeteriano e Vegano
  • The local

    The restaurant, located at the foot of Città Sant'Angelo enjoys a picturesque view and is furnished in a rustic style, with different tools and antique curiosities. A private parking allows easy access for the disabled and is able to accommodate tour buses. For smaller outdoor space is reserved for where to play.
    It also has enabled Mediaset Premium TV, Radio with audio piped and WIi-Fi.
    Thanks to the spacious (200 internal divided into three rooms on two floors and 120 seats outside) the restaurant can accommodate receptions, banquets, birthdays, private parties, stag / hen parties.
    Accurate and up to date HACCP controls guarantee a working hygienically certified.
    Management and good service are guaranteed by a computerized system of orders.
    We accept all major credit cards

    • Panoramic local

      Panoramic local

      La Rusticana enjoys a picturesque view and thanks to the wide spaces can host receptions, banquets, birthdays, private parties, stag / hen parties.

    • Mediaset Premium & Free WiFi

      Mediaset Premium & Free WiFi

      Have enabled Mediaset Premium TV, Radio with audio piped and Wi-Fi.

    • Playground


      The youngest is reserved outdoor space where to play.

    • I can come in

      I can come in

      Here the dogs are welcome only we ask you to follow some simple advice on how to manage the stay of the dog inside the restaurant ... more